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Typical Results:

Chatsworth Train Wreck
$5.65 Million
Quadriplegia to 17 year old male, vehicle occupant; vehicle roll over due to combination of driver error, dangerous condition of public highway and product liability (manufacturing defect to Honda).
Chatsworth Train Wreck
$4.0 Million
Train Crash (Chatsworth); 40 yr old male, serious permanent spinal injuries, multiple surgeries; loss of trucking business and home; unable to return to work
$1.275 million
Truck vs. Motorcycle; Left turning vehicle vs. motorcycle; client, male 25 yr, was riding his motorcycle through a signal controlled intersection; adverse party 77 yr old male turned left and collided with the motorcycle; client sustained multiple fractures to his leg and knee, requiring several surgeries; future surgery necessary; could not continue in planned career and required re-training
$1.05 million
Wrongful death; Electrocution on job site; construction accident; male 25 yr old laborer; married with one child
$1 million
Wrongful death; 24 yr old male passenger in off road vehicle; driver lost control and vehicle rolled over killing our client's adult son; recovery for loss of consortium on behalf of Mother, Father, and Sister; settled for policy limits 8 months following the accident.
Automobile vs Truck: Intersection, client driver of left turning vehicle; dispute over red light, no witnesses; defendant driver of oncoming pickup truck claimed he had the green light; his deposition testimony was unbelievable and case settled thereafter; injuries included for driver: serious and permanent brain injuries requiring multiple surgeries.
Automobile vs. Pedestrian: 84 year old female, in cross walk; left turning vehicle collided with her; injuries: defendant claimed our client was not in cross-walk and sun was in eyes of driver; multiple fractures (spine, leg, closed head injuries)