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For more than 35 years, Mr. Robman has represented seriously injured and fatally injured consumers who have been involved in a variety of types of incidents, including the following:
  • Wrongful Deaths
    resulting from: injuries to pedestrians, construction workers, sports participants, occupants of automobiles, fires, electrocutions, and medical treatment;
  • Motorcycle Accidents
    which have resulted in serious injuries, including permanent brain injury;
  • Truck Accidents
    all types of private and commercial truck accidents including speeding, vehicle code violations, falsified log books, defective breaks, failure of components of truck (trailer hitch), and lack of training;
  • Premises Liability Accidents
    where consumers have slipped, tripped, fallen, had displays fall on them, tripped on displays, elevator and escalator malfunctions, and falls in parking lots. All of these situations were the result of the negligence of the business or property owner. Various types of injuries caused by these accidents have included: fractures of the neck, back, shoulder, arm, leg, knee, ankle, and head injuries;
  • Automobile Accidents
    causing death or permanent disability [quadriplegia, brain injury]. Types of automobile accidents include: driver error resulting in vehicle roll over; loss of control leaving the highway; unsafe roadway; hit and run; head-on collisions; road rage; intersection collisions; and pedestrian accidents;
  • Products Liability Accidents
    caused by vehicle defects in design or manufacture;
  • Insurance Claims
    resulting from failure to pay benefits; bad faith denial of benefits to policy holders; Uninsured Motorist claims and Underinsured Motorist claims;
  • Injuries
    caused by Animals from dog bites, equine injuries;
  • Fraud Claims
    in connection with decedents’ Estates; real estate; stock market transactions; business transactions;
  • Injury to Senior Citizens
    which result in fractures and other physical injuries and usually contribute to the early onset of dementia, loss of quality of life, and shortened life expectancy.
  • Government Claims
    including negligence of government employees, dangerous conditions of public property (intersections, roadways, lighting, airport runways), negligent maintenance of government vehicles, all of which result in serious injury or death to members of the public;